To give people alternative options that better fits their financial needs.  We are committed to providing excellent, quality  services to all of our clients.

Founding Story:

Our Founder:  “The idea for Simplapay came to me when I paid off my house and ended up being late that year on my property taxes as I, like many others, had my escrow account closed upon after paying off my property. After doing research on finding a company to continue making smaller monthly payments on my behalf, I was shocked to find that there’s not even one company willing to continue with an escrow account after paying off my loan. I knew that this had to be problem for many others as well and committed myself to providing this convenient service. I assembled this great company to bring you the convenience and assurance that your bills will never be late.”


Why is Simplapay important and how it can benefit you:   

Today, tens of millions of American property owners that have cleared their mortgages are left paying their taxes in one or two large bulk payments every year. Because of these large bulk payments, over 30% of households are late making their property taxes payments every year and end up paying the 10% late penalty charges and an additional 1.5% penalty each month after June of that year. This amounts to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in late penalty fees. Investors and Corporations have the most to lose as they are hit with a higher property tax amount or own multiple properties. For these reasons, and the fact that we provide the convenience of never having to worry about these bills, is why Simplapay is so important in today’s world.

We are…

Resourceful – We constantly strive to be as efficient as possible. Because of this, we do much more with less.

Persistent – Perseverance is a key factor which has allowed our company to keep winning and become a great company.

Transparent – We have an open door policy and like to tell our customers like it is. We encourage strong communications so we are all on the same page.

Helpful and on your side – We are all about our customers and will go above and beyond to earn your trust. Most of all, we are always on your side.

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